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The Witch’s Castle is an immersive Dark Ride attraction concept created by Reed Randolph and Brady Davidson. Guests board a “Fester Queen” as they trespass into the Witch’s Castle, only to be caught by the Witch herself! Set on turning her uninvited guests into frogs, the Witch and her horde of monstrous guards pursue the riders as they attempt to escape. This fast paced adventure in the dark promises laughter and scares alike, in what’s sure to become a timeless Dark Ride attraction.


The Witch’s Castle concept originated as a pandemic passion project for Reed and Brady, who developed the story as a love letter to the classic dark ride attractions they enjoyed growing up. The ride’s unique visuals evoke a sense of nostalgia for the vibrantly colored displays of old school dark ride attractions, as well as bringing all the fun and excitement of an animated cartoon. While inspiration lies in the past, The Witch’s Castle promises something new and exciting for the modern age of Dark Rides.

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Reed Randolph developed the overall look and story for the attraction, creating a cast of well over 40 goblins, ghouls, and critters to dwell within the blacklight neon walls of the Witch's Castle. The attraction was developed over the course of a year and was displayed in the ZoundsWright booth at the 2021 IAAPA Expo in Orlando, Florida. Alongside Reed's concept art, a 4 foot model of the entire conceptualized attraction, as well as maquettes of some of the characters were also created and featured.

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